Full Spectrum Crystal and Energy Therapy Practitioner Diploma


Full Spectrum Crystal and Energy Therapy Practitioner Diploma 1Full Spectrum is an integrative practitioner training course in Crystal Therapy and Energy Therapy. It explores the interface of science with traditional therapies from a soulful perspective, with a strong emphasis on intra-personal relationships. The course is delivered by four facilitators who have diverse therapeutic approaches, individual perspectives, and expertise.

During the course you will gain a deeper understanding of your personal journey, recognise your unique potential, and develop tools for working effectively, confidently, and safely with others.

We recognise the way people choose to learn has changed since the pandemic. From 2024 we are offering a hybrid course, with some elements as online and/or distant learning, in addition to in-person classes. Many modules are available without commitment to the entire course.

We are in the process of revising the course and will be offering modules as they become available. All modules attended count towards the practitioner diploma.

In-person classes are held in an 18th century cottage in the beautiful hamlet of AvonFull Spectrum Crystal and Energy Therapy Practitioner Diploma 2cliff, overlooking the River Avon on the Wiltshire/Somerset border. Classes are small (6-8 students) with two or more facilitators co-presenting most subjects.

This intensive two-year course is amongst the most rigorous available. Previously taught over three years, we have condensed the course by increasing the frequency of classes, as well as integrating some elements.

Full Spectrum is accredited by the Association of Crystal Healing Organisations (ACHO).

Facilitators: Janelle Scialla, Anna McLaren, April Runciman, and Russ Chapma

Comprehensive course manuals and essential crystals are included in the price. Other crystals are on loan with an option to purchase at a reduced rate.

Subjects covered include:

Induction:  This mandatory two-day introduction is an opportunity to meet the facilitators and sample different elements of the course, including crystals, energy work, psychology, anatomy & physiology, and Chinese medicine, before fully committing to the training. There is experiential work and plenty of information to take away. Should you decide not to continue beyond this point, your deposit covers the fee for this section and no further payment is required

Crystal Therapy:  Crystal care, Techniques for self-care and personal development, Basic and advanced therapeutic techniques for working with clients, Geology, mineralogy & crystallography, with implications in crystal therapy (also available as a stand-alone CPD course), History & traditional practice, Integration of crystals with other therapies, Comprehensive work with the full range of individual crystals and minerals from the ACHO syllabus and beyond
Essential crystals are included with the course, other crystals are on loan with an option to purchase)

Energy Therapy: Techniques for sensing and working safely with energy using a variety of healing modalities.

Other Therapies: Exploration of other related therapies, including chakra therapy, flower and gem essences, colour therapy, movement, and shiatsu and craniosacral therapy techniques.

Chinese Medicine: An introduction to Chinese medicine, covering its importance and implications in therapeutic practice, with potential applications in crystal therapy.

Anatomy and Physiology for Complementary Practitioners:  NVQ or ITEC Level 3 equivalent (granting separate A&P certificate), presented in an interesting and accessible way, with a slant towards complementary therapies. Students with previous A&P certificate equivalent to ITEC or NVQ Level 3 can be exempted from this module, with a corresponding reduction of fees. Available as a stand-alone course.

Anatomy and Physiology in the World of Energy Medicine: An in-depth look at the interface between conventional anatomy and physiology and energy therapies. We look at the interaction between energy and matter in the human body; the chakras and how dysfunctions within them can lead to illness; conditions you are likely to come across in your practice; and integrated approaches to treatment. Available as a stand-alone CPD course for existing complementary practitioners

Psychology and Counselling Skills: The tools you need to develop a therapeutic relationship with your clients and your ongoing personal development. We examine the subject under various lenses, using creativity, movement, mythology and archetypes, and ritual.

Personal Development: Integrated throughout, this is an essential aspect of the course. It will give you a strong grounding in breathwork, meditation, Qi Gong, and self-care techniques, supported by embodiment through creative practices, writing and journaling, self-work, inter- and intra-personal group dynamics, and a range of spiritual practices.

Psychic Development: Introducing a variety of skills, such as skrying and Tarot, to help improve and refine psychic abilities. There is an option to study Tarot more deeply with Phoenix Robins, one of our visiting facilitators.

Practice Management: The skills and confidence you need to set up and maintain your practice.


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