Further Explorations in Anatomy & Physiology CPD Certificate

The second year of the Full Spectrum Anatomy & Physiology Course is offered as a stand-alone CPD certificate for qualified practitioners of all complementary therapies. It looks at how the physical body functions within the realm of energy healing, and includes topics such as the interrelationships between thoughts, emotions and posture, the science behind bioenergy healing and the effects of electromagnetic fields on human physiology. The second half of the course looks in detail at the chakras, considering the particular energy held within each chakra and the mental, physical and emotional disorders that are associated with their dysfunctions. The course also includes some basic clinical medicine, enabling students to gain an understanding of some of the most common disorders that they are likely encounter during their healing careers.

Facilitated by Anna McLaren

The next course will commence January 2018, and grants 54 CPD contact hours.

Fee: £600

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