Living Alchemy Postgraduate CPD Course

Dates: Starts 3rd November, 10.00 – 5.00; once a month for seven months
Fees: £650 – includes materials
Requirements: Applicants must be qualified practitioners with Full Spectrum diploma or equivalent qualification

Living Alchemy is a postgraduate CPD course presented as a collaborative series of monthly workshops starting in September, facilitated by Janelle Scialla with Anna McLaren, April Runciman, and others (to be announced). Provides 42 contact CPD hours, plus possible additional CPD hours from reading and other activities.

Alchemy is one of the few Western spiritual practices. It leads to deep self-knowledge, and can speed up personal development as well as giving greater insight when working with clients. Over seven months this course takes you on a journey of self-discovery, exploring the stages of alchemical process through symbolism, visualisation, creativity, crystals, tarot & other oracular cards, chakras, essences, essential oils, animals, colour, sexuality, dreams, and much more.

Be aware that the alchemical process starts by confronting Shadow, which can be challenging.

Further date: 1st December … 2019 dates to be announced.


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