Follow the Rainbow

Boulder Opal, Australia

A Stand Alone Course and Introduction Module of Full Spectrum Healing
Next course commences 22nd September 2018

Facilitator: Janelle Scialla

Description: Follow the Rainbow is a stand-alone course for energy work and personal development, as well as the first term of the Full Spectrum Foundation Module. It’s a unique multi-dimensional exploration of crystals, therapeutic healing, spiritual and psychic development, and self-awareness, to give you invaluable tools for life.

You will be introduced to Chi Kung, breathing and breath work, meditation, sensing and working with the body’s energy field, the chakras and chakra balancing, scanning the body for information, visualisation, distant healing, hands-on healing, dowsing, colour therapy, crystal therapy, creating sacred space, space clearing, grounding, centring and protection, psychic development, spiritual development, ethics and boundaries.

Duration: Four weekend days, one day per month.

Fees: £280; a non-refundable £100 deposit payable upon application

Dates for the next course are 22nd September, 20th October, 17th November and 15th December 2018

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