Advanced Crystal Therapist Postgraduate Certificate

Those who have successfully completed other ACHO and CTC affiliated courses are invited to apply for the Advanced Crystal Therapist (Year Three)  as a postgraduate certificate course. Applicants joining at this point in the course will be required to attend an introductory weekend prior to the start of the first term.

This intensive year covers geology, mineralogy, crystallography, and history and traditional practice in depth, while exploring the implications in modern practice. We revisit some basics, introduce advanced techniques, and use an integrative approach to combine crystal therapy with other modalities, such as colour therapy, essence therapy, reflexology, massage, and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Students are loaned crystals and minerals on a weekly basis to work with at home, and their experiences are shared in class, providing deeper insight into each crystal’s properties, and a greater understanding of their use and potential.

Previous training must have taken place over a minimum of two years, include Anatomy & Physiology, and the applicant should be eligible for insurance as a practitioner.

Facilitator: Janelle Scialla
Duration: One year, over 13-15 days, depending on class size
Course Fees: £980

For further details of the postgraduate year, please see Full Spectrum Crystal Healing.

The next Advance Crystal Therapist Course will commence 15th September 2018.

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