Crystal Therapy Workshops Levels 1-3

A series of introductory workshops for those who wish to broaden their understanding of crystal therapy. These workshops do not lead to qualification, but CPD certificates for existing practitioners are available on request.

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All workshops in this series run from 10.00 – 5.00, with a lunch break and two tea breaks. Drinks and biscuits will be provided, but we recommend you bring lunch with you, unless you prefer to eat at the cafe or the pub.

Crystal Healing Level 1 Workshop

Trusting Intuition

No previous experience required

CelestiteX2Saturday 25th June 2022 10.00 am – 5.00 pm
£80.00 (Includes a set of crystals with booklet)

This introductory workshop covers: Crystal care (including cleansing, charging, and programming), crystals and the chakras, and trusting your intuition, with basic meditation, breath work, and practical applications

Crystal Healing Level 2 Workshop

Transformation: crystals for self- development and space clearing

Requirements: attendance of Workshop 1

Crystal Therapy Workshops Levels 1-3 1Not currently scheduled

Information covered includes: The three phases of rock formation and its importance and relationship to Crystal Therapy, using crystals for space clearing, protection and Feng Shui, crystal gridding, and using crystals in meditation

Crystal Healing Level 3 Workshop

Into the World: Using crystals to help others

Requirements: attendance of Workshops 1 & 2

Crystal Therapy Workshops Levels 1-3 2Not currently scheduled

This workshop follows on from Level Two. Information covered includes: Making gem essences and crystal waters, working wands and control crystals, and simple body layouts


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